To Move Creative Academy

A gateway to healing and evolution, using the creative arts. Your self empowerment begins right now. 

Join our community and learn to love your self inside and out through the means of creative enquiry.

Each offering holds in it the opportunity for you to become a better and happier person.


For adults activate a healthy intimate and positive relationship with your body, your emotions and your intuition, in ‘Moving The Inner Leader.’ A 6 week immersion into movement and intention setting for mental and physical well being. Liberating your intuitive capabilities and increasing your embodied awareness in the process.


For children, join in the fun and explore the a variety of techniques of creative writing, beatboxing and dance, in ‘Create & Flow.’ A year round weekly class introducing children to my cross art form practice. Sharing how I combine movement, creative writing and beatbox to devise Dance Theatre. This work is for everyone, no matter where you are form or level of experience with creativity, you are born to be this free so come let us begin.

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Moving The Inner Leader

‘Moving The Inner Leader’ is a 6 week immersion into your body, mind and spirit. Designed to encourage feelings of alignment,

empowerment, inspiration, rejuvenation and beauty within your own body and mind.

Dance is a true liberator, because of it I have found a deeper connection with myself and my surroundings.

Using breath, meditation and movement, you will embark on a journey to reset and empty your body of its unneeded tension,

getting yourself ready to move efficiently with endless joy.

This course is a quest into yourself to cultivate a positive embodied experience, leading to a healthier relationship with yourself.

Boosting your creativity, confidence, intuition, self-awareness, coordination, mobility, health, stamina and over all well being, using dance as a catalyst for self discovery.

This is my goal and I am very confident you will reach this as I have spent the past

10 years dancing, reflecting and compiling a variety of techniques that have helped me to feel more joy in my dance.

Get ready to discover the doubt, shame and negative self stories held in the body, which prohibit self expression.

By the end of this course you will be able to develop your own practice that caters to your individual needs, you will see dance not only as something fun to do for fitness and leisure but also as a tool to unravel and reveal who you have been afraid to be.

Enabling a freedom, like you have never felt before but have always known you deserve.

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Create & Flow

‘Create & Flow’ is a year round, weekly workshop introducing the participants to a myriad of creative art forms such as: dance, poetry and beat box.

Each session is an immersion into new ways to use each art form, exploring how we can create, tell stories and communicate ideas using performing arts.

Participants will experience new ways to express themselves and channel their energy into a creative force.

No prior experience required, only a willingness to try something different and challenge yourself to find your own individual expression through the arts.

We will be exploring my speciality that involves bringing multiple art forms together to express an idea or theme.

Throughout the year there will be opportunities for the participants to share their work with their families and friends online.

This course is suitable for young people aged 8-12 years old, with an interest in the arts or/and an immense amount of energy waiting to be directed into something positive.

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